"I recently saw a few of your sconchos at the Bloomington Theatre and I love them! I can't wait till they are available on-line. I'd love one to wear to a summer wedding."

"Nice to meet you... at the Chickadee Boutique. Your sconchos are great! I will definitely suggest some of my friends in the... get over to the BTAC (Bloomington Theatre and Art Center) and check out your lovely work."

"I purchased a sconcho from you last summer at the Naperville Art Fair...and I'd love to see your booth again this summer. I love wearing mine and I always get lots of compliments when I wear it...that's why I want another one!!!"

"The 'sconcho' I bought was for my daughter's birthday, and she loves it!"

"I love your sconchos. I just received one for Mother's Day and would like to get another one."

"I bought a leopard print sconcho from you in Galena a month or two ago and just wanted to let you know that I have received tons of compliments on it and it has been really fun to wear."

"I bought a couple of sconchos from you back in August sometime and I love them! Just wondered if you were going to be in..."

"I bought one of your sconchos this fall at the Chickadee Boutique and love it.  Wished I would have bought more and now want to!....Thanks, Carol.  I get lots of compliments!"

"I saw one of your creation('s) on a customer of mine and I('ve) got to have one..."

"I was fortunate enough to win your sconcho in the... school raffle last weekend. I absolutely love it. I've been on your site and I love your sconchos. I hope to see you and your sconchos in more shows/venues soon."